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Many of our table tops feature breadboard ends, a centuries-old technique to prevent severe warping and
cracking.  You may notice variations in the appearance of your breadboard ends from time to time.  Since wood
moves across the grain seasonally (in warm weather the panel expands, in cold weather it shrinks) and not
along the grain, a breadboard end will either fall short of the panel edge or will extend past it, depending on the
season.  This changing condition is recognized as a sign of good craftsmanship.*

All of our reclaimed barn wood products are made in the United States from domestic, reclaimed materials.   All
Pleasant Valley chairs are produced in Europe out of durable beech wood.  Due to the difference in grain and
texture, we do not recommend applying a “Natural” finish to the chairs.

*Extracted from
All About Breadboard Ends by Mario Rodriguez.  Click here for the complete article with more
information on breadboard ends.
Pleasant Valley Trading Finishes...
At Pleasant Valley Trading, we take pride in the work we do and the
products we make.  We are wholesale providers of unique, hand crafted,
painted furniture.  Our products are made from 100 year old reclaimed
barn wood and architectural salvage.  Working with salvaged lumber is
much like working with antique furniture; no two pieces are the same.  
Nail holes, saw marks, water marks, worm holes, sun spots and dents are
all natural characteristics of the   raw materials we use in the construction
and should not be viewed as defects.
We have a vast selection of nearly twenty paint finishes and a variety of
stain options which lets you further customize our furniture to suite a
broad range of tastes.  
 Click here to see our available paint finishes.  
Our multi-step, hand-finishing process produces authentic, distressed
looking patina on your furniture.  Although color chips can be provided as
a reasonable approximation, the end results typically do vary slightly from
the samples.  Please note that although we produce a consistently
beautiful product, we also strive to produce unique furniture; no two
pieces will be exactly alike.  Click here for our finished products gallery.
The top surfaces of our furniture are not artificially aged with tools
or paints.  Unless otherwise specified, your piece of furniture will arrive with a “Natural” top which means that a
minimal amount of color toning has been done to provide a more uniform appearance before having 3 coats of a clear,
low luster,  water resistant lacquer applied.  However, top surfaces do have an extremely broad range.  Our inventory
of this beautiful wood varies in tone and shade from orange to brown and light to dark and in size and texture.