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All of the dining tables offered by Pleasant Valley Trading are made here in Lancaster County, PA, from 100 year old
reclaim barn wood. You can expect to see nail holes, cracks, saw marks, water marks, worm holes, sun spots, and dents as
they are authentic and represent the natural characteristics of the raw materials we use in the construction process.

Working with salvaged lumber is much like working with antique furniture.  Our inventory of this beautiful wood varies
in tone and shade from orange to brown and light to dark and in size and texture.  Please take note that although we
produce a consistently beautiful product, we also strive to produce unique furniture; no two pieces will ever look the

Many of our tables feature breadboard ends, a centuries-old technique to prevent warping and cracking.  Some
discrepancy between the breadboard end and the rest of the table top is normal, particularly during times of extreme
humidity or dryness.